Case Studies

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  • Case Studies
    • Ethnicity
      • My Brother Devil
      • Eastenders
    • Gender
      • Male
        • Mens Health Magazine
          • Traditional- Cover star UFC fighter suggests tradition male who is strong determined and can be aggressive.
          • Metro-Sexual
          • New Lad
        • Paco Robanne
          • Metro Sexual- seen to be in a fashionable tuxedo and has a diamonte belt on which is feminine.
          • One shot it looks as though the man is like James Bond who would be a male figure that men aspire to be like and he gets a lot of women, is always success ful and in control.
        • Daily Mail
          • Counter type male- stay at home dad.
      • Female
        • Juno
          • She is a counter type to the tradition female as she is in control for example at the beginning in the sex scene she starts it off.
        • Miss Vogue


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