Case Studies

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  • Case Studies
    • Gathers indepth detailed rich  data
      • Single or small group of people
    • Triangulation is used to draw conclusions
      • Interviews and questionaires
    • Gathers Quantitative and Qualitative data.
    • Evaluation
      • Reliability - cannot replicate the study - every case is different - and so it is very difficult to tell using the case study method whether particula situations reliably lead to particular outcomes.
      • Validity- Real life therefore has a lot of validity. Behaviour is natural and well collected.
      • Ethical issues mean we cannot recreate the real stress of Privation. or simmulate it in a laboratory.
        • Ethically there are issues with the idea of privacy as people can easily be identified.
        • Ethically we are not causing any harm just recording events which occured.
        • Some Psychologists put research over the welfare of the individual and cause harm - i.e Genie.
    • Case histories are often contructed
    • Examples
      • The Czech Twins - Koluchova
      • Little Hans - Freud
    • Used in cases where other methods would not be ethical.
    • Occur in rare child situations
      • Used in cases where other methods would not be ethical.


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