Case Study: Transport Managment

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  • Case Study: Transport Management
    • Curitiba, Brazil
      • It chose to favour people over cars
      • Is on the east coast of Brazil with a pop of 3.5 million
      • 800Km South of Rio
      • 99% of people say they're happy with the city
      • Public Transport
        • Street of flowers expands over 15 blocks and was paved over instead of widened for cars
        • Population increased 10fold increasing strain on public transport
        • Arterial road system has three lanes one for traffic going in, one for traffic going out and a middle lane dedicated to busses
        • All busses arrive withing 5 minutes of their ETA with 90% of busses being wihin 30 seconds
        • Takes 2 million people a day
        • Not subsidised as it pays for itself
        • Bus system is 100-200x cheaper than a Tube system
    • Switzerland
      • 3 international airports and an other 61 smaller airports and airstrips.
      • An integrated time table means that any point within Switzerland is reachable at least once per hour
      • 2 million citizens carry national travel cards
      • 95% arrive within 1 minute and 75% within 5
      • Switzerland has the highest railway density in the EU
      • 2000 trains pass through Zurich a day
      • 1600 Km of Motor way has been built last year (2014)
      • Almost every village in Switzerland can be reached by a regional bus several times a day


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