Case Study: Rural Mongolia

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  • Case Study: Rural Mongolia
    • The people living in these areas can be considered to be non-globalised societies.
      • Ulaanbaataar can be characterised by:
        • 1. Traditional family structures
          • 2.The importance of local customs and hospitality.
            • 3. Populations at extremely low densities
              • 4. A heavy reliance of agriculttural activities.
                • 5. Different envrionmental conditions in both summer and winter.
                  • 6. Tradition housing - gers.
                    • 7. Relative inaccessibility.
                      • 8. Low incomes and limited material possessions.
                        • 9.Very limited service provison.
                          • 10. Low levels of personal contact with other countries.
    • About a third of the population live as nomadic herders on sparsely populated grasslands - very isolated locations.


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