Case study - China - Resource management

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  • China - a developed country
    • Background
      • Contributes 29% to global carbon emissions - more than any other country
      • Has seven of the world's ten most polluted cities
      • Burns more coal than USA, Europe and Japan combined.
      • China Renewable Energy Law, 2006: aims to develop renewable energy resources.
    • Strategies
      • Hydro-electric power: In 2014, the Three Gorges Dam generated 98.8 billion kWh of electricity - roughly the same as burning 49 million tons of coal.
      • Solar power: China is now a leading solar power producer. The solar plant being built in the Gobi Desert could produce energy for 1 million homes. Raised awareness of China's energy needs has increased take-up of solar panels.
      • Coal restrictions: In 2015, the government introduced laws restricting use of heavily polluting coal in urban areas.


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