Case Study -Bhutan (developing country)

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  • Bhutan
    • General facts
      • Location
        • Land locked
        • South asia
        • Very hilly
      • Population - 750,000
        • 60% live in rural areas
      • Annual  rainfall- 500-5000mm
    • Industry
      • Mainly farmers, little industry
      • Tourism
        • The country allows little tourists, but they do let some in , for a fee of £250 per day
          • the money goes towards, school and education
          • The money pays for accommodation and  a tour guide
    • Energy
      • HEP power
        • Due to their rainfall and terrain HEP is accessible
        • Has helped raise capital without pollution or harming the environment
      • Fuelwood
        • Main source of energy, as it is most sccesible
        • Manages sustainably, 16cm3 if don't have electricity, 8cm3 if have electricity
        • It is not efficient and danger of inhaling smoke
      • the government have provided 95%with energy
    • Schemes
      • Micro- energy schemes
        • Investing in small renewables sources for houses without electricity
        • 1,896 new new solar home schemes
        • allowed development of 2 small wind turbines
        • Biogas plants to supply 1,600 homes
      • Rural biomass energy project
        • Promotes the use of biomass energy for cooking
        • over 100 people from rural areas have been shown how to build brick ovens
        • aiming for 14,000 stoves to be installed, with new funding


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