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  • Case of Genie
    • Background
      • Born in LA 1957.
      • At 20 months family told she may have learning difficulties.
      • Her unstable father then isolated her.
      • Kept tied to potty at day.
        • Tied to her bed in sleeping bag at night.
      • Beaten when tried to communicate.
      • Fed by her brother.
    • Case History
      • Discovered age 13.
        • Mother took her to social services.
      • Fostered by special needs teacher.
        • Psychologists also studied her.
      • Firstly showed limited language.
        • No grammar.
      • Formed attachment to carers.
      • Research was terminated and she returned to care.
        • Was abused in care homes.
          • Regressed state when rescued.
      • Last known a law case began to stop psychologists having contact with Genie.
    • Interpretation
      • Privation not reversible.
        • Could not learn language.
      • Developed emotional bonds but permanently damaged.


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