Grass- Carl Sandburg notes

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    • rhythm
      • repetitive and cyclical
        • anaphora is used
    • Move Him Into The Sun quick reference
    • structure
      • unconventional structure
      • 3 stanzas
      • free verse
      • structural nature of poem is repetitive and cyclical
        • anaphora is used
      • short length and casual tone/rythmn presents nature's indifference to deaths
    • form
      • free verse
      • 'vers libre' was typical of French poets in the late 1800s
    • Carl Sandburg was an American poet/journalist
    • imagery of discard and worthlessness
    • simplistic language, objective and minimalistic
    • list of famous battles from European and American history emphasises that history soon moves on
    • last two lines are isolated from rest of poem, which ends the poem on a sombre and desolate note
    • fallen heroes of war are forgotten
      • personification of nature
        • power of nature
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