Caring Skills and Techniques

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  • Caring Skills
    • Encouraging
      • motivating and supporting individuals
    • Showing approval
      • giving praise
    • Creating Trust
      • building relationships, confidentiality
    • Gaining Compliance
      • giving reasons and choices without coercion
    • Social Perception
      • recognising an individuals feelings/needs
    • Observation
      • visual, noticing changes, medical
    • Disengagment
      • moving away for individual to calm down
    • Distraction
      • divert individual from anxiety/pain
    • Physical Contact
      • provide appropriate security or approval
    • Modelling
      • using acceptable behaviour so an individual can act in a similar way
    • Working Alongside
      • engaging in same activity as individual
    • Setting Challenges
      • setting achievable targets for individual
    • Safe Working Practices
      • lifting, hygiene practices, maintaining own saftey


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