Caring Skills

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  • Caring Skills
    • Positive Effects
      • Carers can take an individual out of their feeling of isolation
      • Carers can reduce distress
      • Carer can empower individuals and help them feel valued
      • They can help maintain an individual's dignity and repect.
    • Negative Effects
      • Carers can push people into further isolation and distress
      • They can increase the feelings of disempowerment and worthlessness
      • Carers can take away an individual's dignity and repect.
    • Encouraging
    • Showing approval
    • Creating Trust
    • Gaining Compliance
    • Social Perception
    • Observation
    • Disengagement
    • Distraction
    • Modelling
    • Working Alongside
    • Setting Challenges
    • Safe working practices
    • Good hygiene practices
      • Hand Washing
      • Using gloves and aprons
      • using sharps safely
      • basic food hygiene
      • Educating carers and indivduals
    • Maintaining own safety


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