Characteristics of Yellow Bird

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  • Caribbean Steel Pan: 'Yellow Bird'
    • Based on a calypso piece
      • Traditionally performed in Trinidad in Carnival.
      • Steel pans are fashioned by oil drums
    • In rapid quadruple time
      • Each part has a different rhythm
        • Tango rhythm in the bass
        • Tremelo used to produce long notes
      • Syncopation
    • Diatonic
      • Range of a 9th
      • Many perfect cadences
      • Primary triads
      • G major, no modulations
      • Small amount of chromaticism's
    • Mainly four bar phrases
      • Use of sequence
      • Varied repetitions
    • AAB AAB (Structure)
    • Steel pans accompanied by a drum-kit
      • Rhythmically enlivened melody dom. homophony
        • Countermelody appears at Bar 28


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