Carers Recognition And Service Act

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  • Carers Recognition and Services Act
    • Social Service will be the ones to carry out the assessments
    • professionals work together with family to provide care
    • Weakness - the assessment process involves visiting the home, which some service users may not want
    • information about different services will be given to the client and family
    • Weakness - some carers may not understand or know about their rights and this act
    • care plans will be written to make sure the clients needs are met
    • Assessments will be carried out to make decisions about the type of care that is needed
    • allow the family to have maximum support
    • Weakness - if the service user does not request a assessment, then social services do not have to carry one out
    • the family will not be expected to take on duties of he professional care workers
    • Carers will be offered respite care for the service user they are providing care for
    • the client and their family will be fully involved in the assessment of needs
    • Assess the ability of the family to provide social  services
    • the act aims to recognize and protect the vital importance of informal carers in the community
    • choices will be offered - medication


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