Care Values

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  • Care Values
    • Confidentiality
      • Reasons for not disclosing information
        • You cannot confirm the person's identity
        • Safety of the children/ service user is paramount
        • Such information should be kept secure and safe
        • Need to follow policy/ legislation/ care values
      • Reasons to break confidentiality
        • Others may be at risk of harm
        • The PWUS/ child is at risk of harming others
        • The PWUS/ child informs you they are being harmed
        • The PWUS/ child tells you they are intending to or are breaking the law (serious crime)
        • The PWUS/ child is at risk of harming themselves
        • Being bullied - pass on information to names person
      • Maintaining confidentiality
        • Need to know basis - Restricting access about an individual to those who have a justifiable and clear reason to access it
        • Keep files safe/ passwords/ locked cabinets
    • Rights and Beliefs
      • Rights within health and social care
        • To be respected
        • To be treated with equality, and fairly, respected as an individual and not discriminated against
        • To privacy
        • To dignity
        • To protection from danger and harm
        • To access information relevant to themselves
        • To communicate using their preferred methods of communication and language
        • To be cared for in a manner that takes account of their needs, choices, and preferences
      • Children's rights
        • Be heard
        • Safety and security
        • Enjoy and achieve
        • Make a positive contribution
        • Have their wishes considered
        • Confidentiality
        • Provided with stimulating activites
      • Adults in residential care
        • Choose own GP
        • Equal and fair treatment
        • Consultation
        • Protection
        • Make a complaint
        • Advocacy
        • Empowerment
        • Sense of identity
    • Equality and Diversity
      • Age
      • Culture
      • Religion
      • Ethnic background
      • Disability
      • Gender
      • Sexual orientation


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