Health and social care, care values

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  • Care values
  • Anti-discrimination
    • Unfair discrimination
      • When someone is treated unfairly in comparison to someone else.
      • If someone has lots of qualifications and experience but is not chosen for a job because they are older.
    • Direct discrimination
      • Being rude to someone because they are different.
    • Indirect discrimination
      • When someone pretends to be nice, but dismisses their ideas.
    • Positive discrimination
      • When a decision is made in a person's favour because they are different.
    • Promoting anti-discriminatory behaviour
      • Service providers need to treat everyone fairly.
      • Service users need to treat service providers in an anti-discriminatory way.
        • If not, the service can challenge their behaviour
  • Maintaining confidentiality
    • Consequences of breaking confidentiality
      • Loss of trust
        • Less likely to say how they really feel.
        • Less likely to share problems.
      • Lower self-esteem
        • Likely to feel unvalued and as though they don't matter.
      • Risk
        • Feel as though their property and personal safety are threatened.
      • Loss of professional reputation
        • Feel like the provider is unprofessional
      • Law breaking
        • They are likely to sue the provider.
      • Discrimination
        • Treated differently by others
    • Legislation, your rights
      • To see and correct information held on you
      • To refuse to provide information
      • To check that the information held is up to date
      • Information about you should not be accessible to unauthorised people.
      • The data should not be kept longer than necessary.
      • To check that the data held is accurate
      • To know what information is held on you
    • Necessary breaches of confidentiality
      • If the service user could harm themselves
      • If the service user could harm someone else.
      • If they have broken or are going to break the law.


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