Health Care Client Groups

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  • Care Needs that Certain Client Groups need.
    • Infants (0-2)
      • Attachment Relationship
      • Feeding
      • Protection / Safety
      • Changing (Clothes)
      • Regular Sleep
      • Washing / Cleaning
      • Stimulation through Play
      • Interaction With Others
    • Children (3-8)
      • Self-Care Skills (Washing, Dressing, Going to the toilet)
      • Strength and Stigma (Play and Outdoor Activities)
      • Intellectual Skills ( Basic Reading, Writing and Numeracy)
      • Language Skills (Talking, Reading and Writing)
      • Social Skills (Friendships and Relationships with other children and adults)
      • Emotional Control and Appropriate Behaviour. (At home and with others)
    • Adolescence (9-18)
      • Support to help manage relationships with parents and other adults
      • Experiences that build up confidence self esteem and assertiveness
      • Opportunities to express opinions and explore feelings.
      • The chance to make personal decisions about the future.
      • Opportunities to develop knowledge and skills useful for adult life and work.
      • Opportunities to socialise, develop and express personal identity.
      • Advice and Guidance about relationships, Sex and Sexuality.
    • Adults (19-64)
      • Temporary Housing
      • Ongoing support to help with stress and difficulties in their life.
      • Need Health Care for more Serious Illnesses.
    • Older Adults(65+)
      • Help to do daily tasks
      • More Frequent Health Care.
      • struggle to live on retirement income.
      • More Prescriptions/Medications
    • Specific Needs
      • People with learning disabilities
      • People with mental health problems
      • People with physical disabilites
      • People with sensory impairments (Visual or Hearing)


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