Cardwell's reforms

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  • Cardwell Reforms
    • 1870 Army Act (recruitment)
      • Reserve troops had to retrain annually
      • Soldiers joined up for 12 years
      • Reserves were paid - like full time soldiers
    • 1871 Regularisation of the forces act (Reorganisation)
      • Regiments were reorganised into regional regiments
      • 1st regiment: Abroad
      • 2nd regiment: Home
      • 3rd regiment: Malitia/Reservs
    • Training
      • All officers retrained at Sandhurst
      • Officers received academic education as well as military training
      • Special training schools set up for special troops (eg. Snipers, artillery gunmen)
    • Other
      • Rations improved
      • Corporal punishment abolished
      • Troops withdrawn from self-governing colonies
    • Provision and requisitioning
      • newspapers made it clear to the public how horriable war was, so the government had to make changes to help it appear better
      • Power moved from government ministries to the War Office
      • Requositoning was reduced heavily and used only in emergency
      • Land transport corps replaced baggage trains for logistics


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