Revision notes on the Cardiovascular System

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  • Cardiovascular System
    • Adrenaline is released
      • Heart beats faster
      • Blood diverted away from organs to muscles
      • Glycogen released into liver
    • Immediate effects of exercise on the body
      • Body temperature increases
      • Blood vessels enlarge
      • Sweating
      • Adrenaline released
      • Increased heart rate
      • Increased blood pressure
      • Breathing is faster and deeper
      • Anaerobic respiration begins
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    • Lactic acid
      • Is a poison
      • Builds up slowly - 75% of maximum work rate
      • Why?
        • Poor trsining
        • Lack of glycogen in the muscles (due to being depleted by exercise)
        • Makes muscles ache, can cause cramp, then muscles stop working
      • How to get rid of it
        • Rest - oxygen can get on board and get rid of lactic acid
      • Anaerobic respiration
    • Long term effects of exercise on the body
      • Lower resting heart rate
        • Heart is bigger and stronger
        • Can supply same amount of blood with fewer beats
        • Heart of a fit person is more efficient
      • Faster heart recovery rate
        • The speed at which the heart rate returns to normal after excercise
        • Faster the recovery rate, the fitter the person
      • Increased cardiac output
        • Heart rate and stroke volume both change over time
          • CO = SV x HR
      • Lower blood pressure
        • Excercise can help with weight loss
          • Reduces blood pressuer
            • Factors affecting blood pressure
              • Age
              • Sex
              • Muscular development
              • Stress
              • Tiredness
              • Attitude
  • Glycogen released into liver
  • Lack of glycogen in the muscles (due to being depleted by exercise)


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