cardiovasular system

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  • cardiovascular system
    • arteries and arterioles
      • transport blood away from the heart
      • walls have 3 layers
        • outer- fibrous tissue              middle-muscle tissue  inner- endothelium
      • large arteries have more muscle
        • lets them stretch
      • arterioles
        • muscle layer is very thin
          • allows pressure to be maintained
    • veins and venules
      • return blood to the heart
        • at low pressure
      • walls are thinner than arteries
      • has the same 3 layers as arteries
      • veins have valves to prevent backflow
    • capillaries
      • the smallest arterioles and venules meet at capillaries
      • walls are one cell thick
      • water and small molecules can pass
      • allows body tissue to receive nutrients
      • takes away waste products
    • functions of blood
      • transportation
        • transport oxygen, nutrients and waste products
      • protection
        • fights infection
      • temperature regulation
        • distributing and depositing heat
    • atrial systole
      • contraction of atria
    • ventricular systole
      • contraction of ventricles
    • complete cardiac diastole
      • relaxation of atria and ventricles


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