Cardiovascular disease

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  • Cardiovascular disease
    • Narrowed or blocked blood vessels
    • Body Mass Index graphs
      • Say what your state of weight is (underweight, overweight, obese, normal) based on your weight and height
      • The more fat you have, the more likely you are to develop a cardiovascular disease
      • Cardiovascular disease is connected to obesity because of cholesterol
    • Smoking
      • Peripheral arterial disease
        • Reduced blood circulation to hands and feet
        • Clots, gangrene, amputation
      • Atherosclerosis
        • Fat, cholesterol, calcium
    • Stents
      • Inserted into artery, expands, lets the current through
      • Clots can form around a stent
    • Risks of getting it
      • Can't control
        • Age
        • Gender
        • Family history
      • Can control
        • Cholesterol
        • Blood pressure
        • Diabetes
        • Smoking
        • Obesity
        • Lack of activity
        • Alcohol
        • Stress


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