Cardiff Case Study

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  • Cardiff
    • Cardiff Bay
      • Cardiff Barrage
        • The Barrage cost £190 million
        • The Cardiff Barrage was built to remove the mudflats and produce a harbour
      • Cardiff sea front
        • The sea front was developed to produce a range of shops and housing for the external community
        • however the houses are aimed for upper class people
    • Butetown
      • Loudoun Square
        • The regeneration was founded by Cardiff council and the Cardiff housing assocation
        • Loudoun Square is a £13 million investment to improve the living quality of those in deprivation
        • They plan to have built 11 new retail units and 61 new affordable houses
      • Butetown contains the bay are of Cardiff however some areas are very deprived
    • CBD
      • St David's
        • St David's shopping centre was built in the centre of Cardiff's CBD as an attempt to bring people into the city itself
        • The shopping centre opened in 2009 and has made Cardiff a top shopping destination


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