Cardiac cycle

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  • Cardiac cycle
    • each cycle takes approximately 0.8 seconds and occurs 72 times per min (on avg.)
      • Diastole - relaxation phase - 0.5s
      • Systole - contraction phase - 0.3s
    • 2. Ventricular diastole
      • as soon as AV valves open the 2nd stage occurs
      • as ventricles fill with blood the semi-lunar valves remain shut. - atria now contracts
    • 4. Ventricular systole
      • ventricular pressure increases - overcomes pressure in aorta and pulmonary artery
      • semi-lunar valves open - ventricles contract
      • blood from right ventricle - pulmonary artery
      • blood from left ventricle - aorta
      • once completed the semi-lunar valves close
    • 1. Atrial diastole
      • upper chambers of the heart are filled with blood returning from:
        • the body via the vena cava to the right atrium
        • the lungs via the pulmonary vein to the left atrium
      • atrio-ventricular (AV) valves are shut, but as volume of blood increases the AV valves open
    • 3. Atrial systole
      • as atria contract, atrial systole occurs - ensures all the blood is emptied in to the ventricles
      • the pressure increases - AV valves shut


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