The Cardiac Cycle

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  • Cardiac Cycle
    • Diastole
      • All 4 chambers fill
        • Pressure change in atria higher than ventricles
          • Atrio-ventricular valve is open
            • Semi-lunar valves closed
    • Atrial systole
      • Atria contract and blood forced into ventricles
        • Pressure in atria higher than ventricles
          • Atrio-ventricular valves are open
            • Semi-lunar valves are closed
    • Ventricular valves
  • Ventricular contract and blood forced out of heart
    • Pressure in ventricles higher than atria
      • Atrio-ventricular valves are closed
  • Semi-lunar valves are open
  • Heart valves: prevent backflow of blood
  • Tendinous cords: prevent valves turning inside out


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