Carboxylic Acids and Esters

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  • Carboxylic Acids
    • Reactions
      • React with carbonates to produce asalt, water and CO2
      • The salts first name is the metal then acid-oate
        • ethanoic acid + sodium carbonate makes sodium ethanoate + H2O + CO2
      • dissolve in water
        • don't full ionise as not all the acid molecules release their H+ ions
          • form weak acidic solutions
      • Differences table.
    • Esters
      • Functional group COO
        • have fruity smells
        • fats and oils are naturally occuring esters
      • Are only formed from an alcohol and carboxylic acid.
      • Alcohol + Carboxylic Aicd makes ester + water
        • acid catalyst used like sulfuric acid
        • Know Example: ethanol and ethanoic acid makes ethyl ethanoate     and water       ( acid catalyst used).
    • Made
      • made by oxidising ethanol
    • Basic info
      • COOH functional group
      • Names end is anoic acid


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