Who had achieved their objectives by 1914?

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  • Who Had Achieved Their Objectives by 1914?
    • Bonar Law
      • wished to use HR to: unify his party and force Asquith to dissolve parliament-GE
        • Asquith in power, Ulster close to civil war
        • Conservatives successfully unified around opposition issue
      • Ulster exclusion = partial victory, abandoning SU
        • BLAKE: BL passionately attached to Ulster, endorsed Carson's strategy
      • Asquith in power, Ulster close to civil war
    • Unionists
      • Carson and Craig
        • competent through rallies, covenant, UVF and provisional govt in event of HR
        • Craig satisfied with Ulster
      • HR simply postponed by 1914
      • Carson wanted to use Ulster as leverage
        • JEFFRIES: Carson astute in focusing on 'Protestant Ulster'
    • IPP
      • Redmond could only successful claiming HR for all Ireland
        • conceded the principle of exclusion by March 1914
          • By Sept events were beyond the IPP's control
        • JACKSON: "some form of triumph" with HR passing
      • O'LEARY: IPP MPs "ignored the dangers of Ulster Unionism"
      • Naïve
        • LYONS: Redmond was "naïve in the extreme"
        • ROBERT KEE: too much blind trust in the liberals for HR
          • MANSERGH: too isolated from liberal players- Birrell
    • Asquith
      • damaged by the crisis, ironically saved by the warr
      • indecisive
      • Curragh Mutiny (20 March 1914) removed the option of the army in Ulster
      • HR dominated politics
        • Conservatives successfully unified around opposition issue
      • JALLAND: criticises wait and see policy and failure to include some form of county option in the bill in 1912 as a "fatal error"


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