Carbon Dioxide & the Greenhouse effect

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  • Carbon Dioxide & the Greenhouse Effect
    • Co2
      • Carbon is present in the atmosphere as Co2
      • Many processes create Co2 as a waste product
        • Burning fossil fuels
      • Too much Co2 in the atmosphere causes global warming
        • Co2 can be 'locked up' in natural stores
          • oceans, lakes & ponds
          • Green plants
          • Peat bogs
    • Co2 and methane trap heat from the sun
      • The temperature of earth is a balance between the heat that it gets from the sun and the heat it radiates
      • Gases in the air act like insulating layers
        • They absorb heat (that is normally radiated into space) and re-radiate it in all dirctions
          • If this didnt happen it would get cold at night
      • Green house gasses keep the heat in the atmosphere
        • Co2 and methane are two of these gases
          • However we have too much of both of these gases
            • This is heating up the planet
              • Global warming
                • Climate change


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