CO2 and the Greenhouse effect

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  • Carbon Dioxide and the Greenhouse Effect
    • CO2 is removed from the air and stored in various places
      • CO2 can be sequestered (locked up) in natural stores
        • Oceans, lakes and ponds
        • Green plants- stored as carbon compounds
        • Peat bogs
      • Important as it means CO2 is removed from the atmosphere
    • CO2 and CH4 trap heat from the sun
      • Earth's temperature= the balance between the heat it gets from the sun and the heat it radiates back out into space
      • Gases in the atmosphere act like an insulating layer, absorb most of the heat that would be radiated into space and reradiate it in all directions towards the earth
      • CO2 and CH4 are the main greenhouse gases because their levels are rising quite sharply
      • Global Warming is a type of climate change


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