Carbon Cycle

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  • Carbon Cycle
    • Carbon is present in all living organisms ORGANIC MOLECULES
    • This includes glucose and proteins found in plants and animals
    • Plants also contain CELLULOSE and starch
    • Photosynthesis  :Plants use co2 from the air to make glucose (Decrease CO2)
    • Respiration: Plants animals and decomposers release CO2 during respiration (Increase CO2)
    • Decomposition: The decomposers carry out respiration and release CO2 (Increase CO2)
    • Combustion: Burning fossil fuels releases CO2 (Increases CO)
    • GreenHouse Effects
      • Due to combustion of fossil fuels the amount of  CO2 in the atmosphere has increased in the last 100 years
      • This layer of co2 acts to absorb heat (Greenhouse blanket) causing the earth to warm up


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