Carbon Footprints

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  • Carbon Footprints
    • A measure of the amount of CARBON DIOXIDE and other GREENHOUSE GASES released over the FULL LIFE CYCLE of something
      • Difficult to measure as there are so many DIFFERENT FACTORS to consider e.g. the emissions released when manufacturing the product
      • A ROUGH CALCULATION can give a good idea of what the worst emitters are, so people can AVOID them in the future
    • Reducing Carbon Footprints
      • Do this by reducing the amount of GREENHOUSE GASES given out by a process
        • Use Renewable energy sources or nuclear energy rather than fossil fuels.
        • Use more efficient processes that could CONSERVE ENERGY and CUT WASTE = reduced methane emissions.
        • Governments could tax companies or individuals based on the amount of GREENHOUSE GASES they emit.
    • Difficulties of Reducing Carbon Footprints
      • Alternative technologies that result in lower CO2 emissions are still at the development stage
      • Governments may be worried that making chnages to reduce CO2 emissions could have an impact on the ECONOMIC IMPACT of their countries
    • How to Reduce your Personal Carbon Footprint
      • Choose to cycle or walk than using a car
      • Reduce the use of air travel
      • Save energy at home e.g. turning heating down


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