Climate Change and Greenhouse Gases

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  • Climate Change and Greenhouse Gases
    • Greenhouse Gases like Carbon Dioxide, Methane and Water Vapour act like an insulating layer in the Earth's Atmosphere.
      • Allows the Earth to be warm enough to support life.
    • Greenhouse Gases don't absorb the INCOMING SHORT WAVELENGT RADIATION from the Sun - but they do absorb the LONG WAVELENGTRADIATION that gets reflected back off the Earth.
      • Then they re-radiate it in all directions - including back towards the Earth.
      • The long wave radiation is THERMAL RADIATION, so it results in warming of the surface of the Earth - Greenhouse Effect.
    • Human Activities that Affect the Amount of Greenhouse Gases in the Atmosphere
      • DEFORESTATION - fewer trees = less CO2 removed from atmosphere via photosynthesis
      • Burning Fossil Fuels - 'locked up carbon' is released as CO2.
      • Agriculture - more FARM ANIMALS produce more METHANE through their digestive processes.
      • Creating Waste - more LANDFILL SITES = more CO2 and METHANE released by DECOMPOSITION of waste.
      • Extra CO2 from human activity is causing an unnatural increase in global temperature which can lead to CLIMATE CHANGE.
    • Consequence of Climate Change
      • Polar Ice Caps MELTING - rise in sea levels, increased flooding in coastal areas and coastal erosion.
      • Frequency and Severity of storms may increase.
      • Changes in temperature and amount of water available may affect WILD SPECIES, leading to differences in their distribution.


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