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  • Carbohydrates
    • Monosaccharides
      • Glucose
        • small, soluble, sweet, crystaline
          • Provides energy via respiration
      • Deoxyribose
        • Part of DNA- Information molecule
    • Disaccharides
      • Maltose- Glucose + Glucose
        • Small, soluble, sweet and crystaline
          • A suagr obtained when starch is broken down in hydrolysis reactions. it can be split further to glucose for respiration.
    • polysaccharides
      • Starch and Glucose
        • a-glucose, joined by condensation reaction. insoluble in water
          • Energy storage, starch in plants; glycogen in animals and fungi
      • Cellulose
        • B- Glucose joined by condensation reactions. Insoluble in water.
          • Structural. found in plants, where it forms plant walls


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