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  • Capacitors
    • Definition
      • A capacitor is two plates on a circuit separated by an insulator
      • Capacitance is: The amount of charge stored per volt so C=Q/V
    • Experimentally
      • Testing a circuit, keeping current as constant as possible. Record p.d. till p.d. of the capacitor equals the pd of the supply. Then plot Q against p.d.
        • This gives a straight line graph
      • The area of a I/t graph is Q
    • Capacitors and energy
      • Capacitors store energy W=1/2 QV =1/2 CV^2 = Q^2/ 2C
    • Charging and discharging in a circuit
    • Factors affecting charge and discharge time
      • Capacitance  and resistance
    • Exponential decay
      • Q = Q0 e ^ t/RC
    • The time constant
      • =RC t = RC when Q/ Q0 = 1/e




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