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  • Cannabis
    • Law
      • It is illegal in the UK
      • It Is  not against the law in some countries
      • It is illegal to grow, sell or posses
    • Street Names
      • Pot
      • Weed
      • Grass
      • Ganja
      • Scun
      • Hashish
      • Charas
      • Bhang
      • Hash oil
      • Reefe
      • Herb
      • Boom
      • Blubbers
      • Gangster
    • Why people take it
      • Deepression
      • Pain Relif
      • Stop Illness
    • Pain Relif
      • Stop Cancer
      • It can stop seizures
      • Can treat glaucoma
      • Ease pain from side affects of chemitherapy
      • Can treat Fibromyalgia




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