Of Mice and Men - Candy

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  • Candy
    • Harmless but Mean
      • Patient with George when he's in a bad mood
      • Befriends Lennie and Crooks
        • Dream of a farm of their own binds them together
        • Feels sorry for Lennie
      • Blames Curley's wife for her own death
        • Shouts at her body, calling her a "God damn tramp"
      • Gossip
        • Calls Curley "scrappy" and his wife "a tart"
    • Frail and Powerless
      • Old, weak, and disabled
        • Lost his hand, gets a "gut-ache", always scratching himself
        • THEME - PREJUDICE due to his age and disability
      • Least respected job
      • Not respected by the others
        • Nobody tries to save his dog
        • THEME - DESTINY Candy is the example of what the other ranchworkers will turn out like
      • Always left behind
        • Doesn't join the men when they go to town or when they lynch Lennie
    • Always tries to kid himself
      • Quick to be seduced by G+L's dream
        • Offers all of his money after knowing them for a day
      • Wants to own something concrete
        • Wants his own ranch, own dog


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