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  • Candy
    • Harms no-one - positive about others
      • He's the one who welcomes George and Lennie to the ranch and shows them to their beds
      • He's patient with George who's in a foul mood and reassures him that his bed is free of lice
      • He admires Curley for his fighting but nothing else and likes the boss for the whisky he gave the men at christmas but says that he can get 'pretty mad sometimes'
      • He befriends Lennie and George, and then Crooks (but only for a brief moment) - their dream of a farm of their own binds them all together
    • Frail & powerless like his dog
      • He is old and weak and disbaled - he lost his right hand in a machine on the farm, he gets gut ache and is alwyas scratching himself meaning he's a bit of a physical wreck.
      • He has the least respected job out of all the bunkhouse guys - the cleaner or 'swamper' as its called
      • He's not quite one of the lads - no one tries to save his dog from being killed
      • He's the one who's left behind - on work days he stays behind to clean up, when Curley is taken to the doctors and when they go off to Lynch Lennie
        • At the end he's left behind with Curley's dead wife, his dream and the memories of his dead dog
    • Weakness for kidding himself about things
      • He is all too quick to offer his compensation money to George so cna join their dream
      • He's desperate and says he'll put them in his will even though he's only known them for one day
      • He wanted to own something concrete and doesnt want one of Slim's spare pups, he wants his own dog. He wants a share of his own land and animals with soem economic value


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