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  • Candy
    • Loneliness
      • "No I couldn't do that I had him too long" Excuses, his only friend is his dog.
      • "the way any guy would" shows that many ranchers were also lonely and didn't have connections
      • I ain't got no relatives or nothing!
    • Remorse
      • "I shouldn't ought to of let no stranger shoot my dog" regret, shows how he considers Carlson a stranger highlighting his isolation.
      • "I wish someboy'd would shoot me" worthless and hopeless nature
    • American Dream
      • "You an' me can still get that little place, can't we George?" desperation to get out of his lifestyle.
      • "I'm gonna tell George what you says" childish and reliance on George despite being older than him
        • "looked uneasily from George to Lennie"
    • Gossip
      • Gossips to feel included in the group. Isolated due to his disability.
        • "glove full of Vaseline
      • Open and emotional. Seen by dog's death and end of the dream his rant to the dead Curley's wife
    • ******
      • "he paused in relish of the memory" enjoys others being powerless and weak like him
        • calls Curley's wife a "tart" possibly jealous of he being dead
      • "joined the attack with joy"
    • "old" "stooped shouldered" "swamper
      • "the old man came slowly into the room"


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