Can we prepare for earthquakes? YES!

Can we prepare for earthquakes? Yes!

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  • Can we prepare for earthquakes? YES!
    • Buildings
      • Computer controlled weights on roof to reduce movement
      • Steel frames which can sway during earth movements
      • Automatic window shutters to prevent falling glass
      • Open areas where people can assemble if evacuated
      • Foundations sunk into bedrock avoiding clay
      • Rubber shock-absorbers to absorb earth tremors
      • Roads to  provide quick access for emergency services
      • Fire resistant building materials
      • Outer panels flexibly attached to steel structure
      • Birdcage interlocking steel frame
    • Practice days e.g. Japan
      • Practice first aid
      • Learn how to put out fires
      • Safe places to go
    • Earthquake kit
      • Dry food
      • Torch
      • Water
      • First aid kit
      • Radio
    • Educate people
      • Drills in schools
      • Television adverts
      • Turn off gas
    • Emergency services
      • Heat seeking cameras
      • Listening devices
      • Search dogs


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