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  • Campaign ideas:
    • Idea #1
      • Campaign name: Greenwave
      • Slogan: Less is more
      • Key message: By using less plastic, the enviroment strives a little bit more.
      • Colour scheme: Deep shades of blues and green as they are representative of the earth
      • Storyline: Someone snorkeling or perhaps even diving out at sea and they see a coral reef except it's plastic - they can then help out an animal trappped in plastic
      • Characters: We can have the person snorkeling say the slogan: "Less is more"
    • Idea #3
      • Storyline: Group of friends going out to the beach for a beach clean up - there's a competition between who can collect the most amount of plastic and recycles wins a special prize
      • Campaign name: Eco
        • Key message: I want the key message to focus on recycling and reflect the imporantance of how harmful plastic is to humans, animals and the environment
      • Slogan: But first, recycle
      • Colour scheme: different shades of blues and greens as well as beige - reflects the beach setting
      • Synergy:  Tik Tok & Youtube platform: they will feature the slogan- #ButFirst,Recycle & the campaign name - #Eco - consumers can then click on the #'s to find out more about the campaign  competition - in which they may take part in if interested.
      • Synergy: Merchandise: I intend to incorporate the key colours - blue, green and beige as well as using leaves as they're quite representative of the environment and really ties in with nature.


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