Camera Set Up

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    • Adequate lighting
    • Uncluttered
    • Large space
    • Line on the floor to replicate plane of motion and a line perpendicular
      • 3, 4, 5 Triangle
      • Camera perpendicular to plane of motion
    • Stationary, rigid tripod
    • TELEPHOTO lens can maximise image size and reduce parallax
      • Setting camera far away and zooming in reduces parallax but can reduce quality of image.
    • More than one camera
      • Event Synchronisation
        • Synchronise at time of data collection
      • Gen Locking
        • Synchronise at time of data collection
    • Performer Preparation
      • Markers on joint centres
      • Contrast to skin colour/background
      • Unhindered movement
    • 2D Models
      • Coordinates define body segments
      • Assumes segments are rigid and fixed mass
      • Assumes segments are joined in pin joints.
    • Digitising
      • Clear contrast of marker, clear lighting and clarity
    • Frame Rate
      • Number of frames per second
    • Shutter Speed
      • Controls time the sensor is open to light. Affect image clarity and exposure
      • Faster Movements = Higher Shutter Speed
      • 1/50th to 1/8000th
    • Scaling
      • Enables real life coordinates to be calculated when digitised
    • Parallel Error
      • Movement away from parallel alignment


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