Camera and Shot

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  • Camera and shot
    • P.O.V
      • We see what the character sees
    • Hand Shaking
      • To show the tension. It is mostly use in horror movie.
    • Eye level
      • give the effect that the actor is looking at the audience.
    • Low Angle
      • To show intimidation to the audience
    • High Angle
      • To look down at the audience to make the character look powerful
    • Over the Shoulder
      • Conversation between two or more characters.
    • Pan
      • Putting inside the action. Is also use as a quick shot.
    • Extreme close up
      • To the show the tension to the audience.
    • Long shot
      • To show the setting
    • Extreme long shot
      • Show the audience more of the settings.
    • Zoom
      • To show tension
    • Tracking Shot
      • To follow the character.
    • Close up
      • Facial expression


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