Mise En Scene - Camera Shots and Angles

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  • Camera
    • Shots Size
      • Extreme Long Shot/Establishing Shot
        • Context and Background emphasised. Establishes location.
      • Long Shot
        • Whole person shown with background, puts in context with more person details.
      • Medium Shot
        • Good image of person - from waist up! Equal with setting.  Two shot used to show relationship between two characters,
      • Close Up
        • Normally just face. Focuses attention on a person's feelings or reactions. Adds tension if after longer shot.
      • Extreme Close Up
        • Like finger on trigger or door handle turning. If on villain makes it scary. Adds tension. Audience uncomfy. Invades personal space of the character.
    • Angles
      • Worm's Eye
        • Makes person very powerful. View from child or someone lower?
      • Canted
        • The unnatural angle gives the viewer a feeling that world is out of balance or psychological unrest. Create unease or drama.
      • High
        • Makes viewer feel more powerful than character. Suggests air of detachment.
      • Bird's Eye
        • Actors relationship to background around. Isolates them too. Makes them smaller and less powerful.
      • Eye Level
        • Neutral and normal.
      • POV
        • Audience see's from characters perspective .Relate to them and emotional response to them.
      • Low
        • Exaggerates others importance. Shows power relationships, class and other imbalances of society.


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