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  • CAM.
    • Knitting:
      • Computer controlled knitting machines.
    • Weaving:
      • Computer controlled looms.
    • Lay-planning:
      • Computers work out the most efficient way of laying out the pieces.
      • Save wastage and costs. Can then be sent to automated cutting machines.
    • Cutting:
      • Layers of fabrics are layed out flat by an automatic spreading machine.
      • Computer controlled cutting machines use information from the lay plan to cut through several layers of fabrics.
    • Sewing:
      • Automated sewing machines can perform tasks such as making buttonholes and bar-tacking.
    • Pressing:
      • Pressing with a high-pressure steam iron.
      • Flat-bed press for trousers, a steam dolly for finishing a whole garment.
    • Embroidery:
      • Computer controlled embroidery machines to rapidly produce badges or embroidered fabric,


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