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  • CAM
    • Computer controlled machines can produce logos and embroidery.
    • Automatic conveyor system runs overhead. Small terminal at each work station.
    • Computer can record data from machines keeping track of work in progress to guarantee quality assurance.
    • Replaces a manual operation to work continuously. More consistent and less risk to humans.
    • A steam dolly is a specialist pressing machine to press finished products.
    • Modern storage and carrier systems allow garments to be stored and transported on hangers.
    • Ticketing and tagging of products done by manufacturers. Barcode systems help to know when to reorder and how many are required.
    • JIT management. Controlled electronically. Goods are received and dispatched straight away.
    • JIT is highly dependent on CAM and allows quick responses.
    • Small short-run manufacturing - 6 weekly cycle to restrict no. of short fashion life products.
    • Demand based flow - used by companies selling via the internet.
    • Mass customisation - mass productive became cost effective.
    • Electronic communication allows fabrics to be delivered in a matter of hours.


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