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  • Calpurnia
    • letter to her aunt
      • refers the Aunt as a model of devotion
      • out of love for her brother and brought up his daughter for him
        • she treated Calpurnia as if she was her own
      • he praises his wife
        • 'she is highly intelligent' and reads his books
        • she is chaste and only has love for him
        • she worried about him and when he's in court she sends for a messenger to see how its going
        • she listens to him reading his work and praises him for it
          • shows devotion because she soaks up his work
          • she sits behind a curtain so now attention is taken from her away from his books
        • she is musically talented
          • she accompanies her self on the lyre as she sings his songs
          • she sings out of love
      • he believes their love is long lasting and will only grow stronger
        • she is not love with his youth or body that will fade but his glory
      • every quality that he praises her for he thanks her Aunt for given to her
        • she learnt her goof morals and honesty from her
        • she was also a part of his upbringing so he thanks her from helping him to become the person he is today
        • due to the way she brought them both up they were made for each other
    • letter to his wife
      • he regrets that he could accompany  her to Campania
        • she's gone away because in Campania it is cool and is away from fumes and heat
        • pliy couldn't go due to his work (he was a lawyer)
      • she could of gone away after her miscarriage
      • he's desperate to see her and see if she Is getting better
        • she wants to make sure she id getting stronger
        • not being with her makes him anxious
          • this is a sign of genuine love
          • it also gives the impression that he is jealous and is worried about other men corrupting her
      • he is also worried that she wont recover
      • she tells him that her only comfort is when she holds his books
        • he seeks comfort by reading her letters and when he re-reads them he pretends it is the first time he's read them
      • he misses her greatly because he loves her and because he's not used to being apart from her
        • he stays awake at nigh trying to imagine  her with him
        • he goes looking for her in her room even though he knows she's not there
        • his only relief for his melancholy is trying his friends cases
    • Calpurnia's grandfather
      • his wife has had a miscarriage
      • he blames it on her youth and inexperience
        • she didn't know she was pregnant
        • she didn't take proper care of herself
      • they're grateful that she's alive and that she's capable of caring a child
      • he's desperate to have children
        • due the the childs ancestors, easy path to office, well know name and established family tree he will have an easy life


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