California's Water Supply

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  • California's Water Supply
    • Threats to the American Dream
      • Precipitation
        • The area is very arid, with an annual precipitation of 200-600m
        • 50% of California's rain falls between November and March - leading to seasonal shortages
        • 22% of precipitation is only available for human use
      • Population
        • It is likely to hit 40 million
        • There is spatial imbalance, the population is too dense but in areas that there is not enough precipation
    • The Colorado River Basin under Pressure
      • Factors
        • It irrigates 1.4 million hectares of farmland
      • North versus the South
        • Northern California feared that the water would be owned by the south as a higher percentage is closer to them
        • The Bay-Delta region is where supplies are transferred, multiple users all demand more water
      • Sharing the River
        • Mexico takes 10% of the total flow
        • California gets 50% of the lower basin
        • Colorado gets 52% of the upper basin
    • The Salton Sea
      • Is an agricultral sump - it acts as a recieveing basin for runoff from irrigated farmland
      • It has become a wildlife refuge boasting millions of birds, fish and flora among its fresh and salt water marshes
      • 75% of the inflow is toxic to animals from cotton and citiris farms
      • Has a higher salt content than the Pacific Ocean
      • Tourists don't visit due to the smell
      • eutophication and algal blooms have caused 7.5 million fish die in one day


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