Mass/Moles of Atoms

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  • Atomic Number
    • Mass/Moles of Atoms
      • Mass Number
        • Total mass in the atom (Protons and Neutrons both have a mass of 1)
          • Electrons mass is very small/0
      • Relative Atomic Mass
        • The mass of an element in grams also = 1 Mole
          • Eg. Carbon R.AM. = 12
      • Relative Formula Mass
        • The total R.A.M. added up in a substance or compound
          • Eg. CO2 Carbon=12 Oxygen=(16x2) 32+12=44
    • Amount of matter in the atom (Protons) in an element but also number of electrons
      • Mass number minus Atomic number = number of neutrons
  • An isotope is the same element with the same number of protons but a different number of neutrons


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