rapid growth in LICs, Cairo

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  • Cairo, Egypt
    • effects of rapid growth
      • air pollution
        • 2,000,000 cars and 200,000 motorbikes
        • 37% of residents in Shoubra Al-Kheima suffer with lung problems
      • noise pollution
        • loud speakers calling mueslims to prayer
        • noise from nightclubs on river Nile, bad in Saraya Al Gezira district
      • land pollution
        • Cairo's inhabitants produce 10,000 tonnes, 60% is collected
        • up to  50,000 tonnes of waste is stockpiled from industry, accumulated in Helwan, Shoubra  Embaba
      • housing problems
        • 60 % of Cairo's population live in shanty towns, most famous is the 'City of the Dead' people live and work among their dead relatives
      • water pollution
        • 60% of industrial waste discharged untreated into Nile. Can be up to 2.5 million litres a day
    • two main reasons for rapid growth in LICs
      • Migration from rural to Urban areas
        • lack of jobs in rural areas, population growth and mechanisation
        • Salaries are lower in rural areas
        • Development of TNCs and other industry providing jobs in Urban areas
        • perception of a better life, including school
      • High natural increase in population in Urban areas
        • youth of migrants mean they are of child bearing age
        • Lack of contraception and knowledge of contraception
        • Better medical facilities in Urban areas
        • Higher life expectancy due to better living conditions


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