CAD & CAM Systems

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  • CAD & CAM Systems
    • Computer Aided Design (CAD)
      • CAD systems have made it easier for a designer to produce an idea that looks realistic
      • CAD software produces:
        • Orthographic 2D drawings
        • 3D virtual reality models
        • a wide ange of symbols & dimensions which can easily be placed onto a drawing
      • CADis much quicker & less time consuming rather than drawing it by hand
      • Objects can be drawn with great accuracy & can be scaled, rotated, or reflected
      • Drawing can be viewed by any angle with CAD
      • It is easy to make changes during any stages of drawing
      • CAD can stimulate how a product can perform without using expensive testing methods
      • CAD stores a lot of information - saving office space
      • Shapes, sizes, colours, & surface textures can be easily altered
      • The CAD system can use a 'wire frame' technique where you can view right through an object (called virtual modelling)
        • Rapid prototyping takes virtual designs from CAD & uses a modelling machine to see what the object will look like before final construction
    • Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM)
      • Used by engineers & machinists to make the product thats been designed
      • Computers that control the manufacture of a product are sent instructions via VAD to make compartments of that particular product
      • Signs can be made from vinyl using a CAM cutter which works with a blade, plotting & cutting from coordinates given by a computer
      • When the shape is completely cut, the baking can be peeled off the vinyl & placed onto the signs surface
      • A CAM cutter can only cut shapes & not digital images
      • Manufacturing processes in industry are using computerised machines because:
        • When programmed properly computers make less mistakes
        • Increased productivity & less human labour required
        • The standard of manufacture is very reliable & consistent
        • CAM can replace jobs that are dangerous for people to do (e.g. car manufacturing)


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