Chemicals in the natural environment

Looking at the four different atmospheres which make up the Earth.

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  • C5 - Chemicals in the natural environment
    • ATMOsphere
      • Chemicals in the air
        • E.g. Nitrogen and Oxygen
      • GAS at room temp
      • LOW melting and boiling point
    • BIOsphere
      • Chemicals which make up living organisims
    • HYDROsphere
      • Chemcials which are found in water
        • E.g. Potassium Chloride
      • SOLID  at room temp
      • High melting and boiling point
    • LITHOsphere
      • Chemicals found in volcanoes and rocks
        • E.g. Copper and Sandstone
      • SOLID at room temp
      • HIGH melting and boling point


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