C3 - Analysing Substances

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  • C3 - Analysing Substances
    • Flame tests are used to detect a particular metal ion in a compound.
      • 1. Dip a clean flame test loop in the sample solution.
      • 2. Hold the flame test loop at the edge of a Bunsen burner flame.
      • 3. Observe the changed colour of the flame.
      • Lithium - Crimson
      • Sodium = Yellow
      • Potassium = Lilac
      • Calcium = Red
      • Barium = Green
    • Testing for carbonates.
      • 1. Add a few drops of dilute hydrochloric acid to the solid.
      • 2. If you notice fizzing, a gas is being produced.
      • 3. Use limewater to test the gas. If it goes cloudy, carbon dioxide has been produced, and the substance is a carbonate.
    • Testing for halide ions.
      • 1. Dissolve a sample of the solid in dilute hydrochloric acid.
      • 2. Add silver nitrate solution.
      • Silver chloride is white.
      • Silver bromide is cream.
      • Silver iodide is yellow.
    • Testing for sulfates.
      • 1. Dissolve a sample of he solid in dilute hydrochloric acid.
      • 2. Add barium chloride solution.
      • 3. Sulfate compounds for a white precipitate.


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