C3 rates of reaction

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  • Rates of reaction
    • Temperature
      • Particles collide more often and more collisions result in reaction.
      • Reactant particles move more quickly
      • Rate of reaction increases
      • More energy
      • Increasing the temperature of the reaction increases the speed at which particles move. There are more collision and the collisions have a higher energy. This increases the number of effective collisions. Therefore the rate of reaction is increased.
    • Concentration
      • The reactant particles become more crowded
      • There is a greater chance of the particles colliding
      • Increasing the concentration of reactants increase the number of particles available to react. More collisions occur. Therefore the rate of reaction is increased.
    • Surface Area
      • If a solid is broken, more particles are exposed to reactant
      • Powder reacts faster because it has a larger surface area.
    • Pressure
      • Changing the pressure on solids or liquids has no effect
      • When you increase the pressure, the molecules have less space in which they can move. That greater density of molecules increases the number of collisions. When you decrease the pressure, molecules don't hit each other as often and the rate of reaction decreases.
    • Catalysts
      • Increase number of  successful collisions.
      • Catalysts provide a different route for the reaction to happen. This route has a lower activation energy. This means that more of the collisions will be effective. The rate of reaction is increased.
    • Revision C3
      • Percentage yield
        • amount of product you actually make as a % of what you should make
        • Very few reactions have 100% because
          • Raw materials may not be pure
          • Products may be left in apparatus
          • Reaction may not have finished completely
          • Some reactants may give some unexpected products
        • Careful planning and design of equipment and reaction conditions helps keep yield % high
          • Reduces reactants wasted
          • Reduces cost
      • Atom Economy
        • The mass of the product you want as a % of the mass of all the products you make
        • High atom economy
          • Reduce production of unwanted products
          • Makes process more sustainable




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